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stay with us. news 4 continues right now at 5:00 a.m. brief blast the return of summer heat just as the calendar is about to turn to fall. plus, murder mystery. no motive, no suspects after a woman is brutally killedn an apartment stairwell. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to this wednesday, sepmber 22nd, 2010. a live lookoutside at 5:00 a.m. it is 66 degrees. still a cool, refreshing morning. things are heating up. meteorologist tom kierein tells us more about ur forecast. beautiful day yesterday, tom. >> autumn equinox arrives at 11:09 this evening. it will feel more like summertime as we get start odd this wednesday morning, as well as into thursday it will be on the mild side. same thing tomorrow morning. it will be in the 60s. at national airport. and under this sky on wednesday
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morning we have temperatures in the western regions in the 50s in western maryland, west virginia. on the bay, on the eastern shore, around 60 degrees. right near the waters i's in the mid and upper 60s. he view from space showing a mostly clear sky. a few clouds producing showers in eastern kentucky. that is a little bitf a disturbance that may be drifting up into the shenandoah valley. east of the blue ridge, sunset, and metro area perhaps this evening. and otherwise we'llust have a few clouds coming through with highs near 90 today. near 90 on thursday. e'll repeat this on friday. a mini heat wave as we say good-bye to summer, hello autumn. it should cool down as we get to the weekend. saturday highs in the mid-80s. morning lows in the 60s. cooler on sunday in the next week. jerry, how is the traffic? >> doing fine sofr this morning.
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overnight road work has been picked up. travel lanes open. relatively light to moderate volume. that is good news. northbound movg along well. 395 to 14th street bridge, a little hard to tell this early morning. lanes are open. that's the g.w. parkway under 395. also no issues. n? >> jerry, thank you. this morning the search is on for a gunman who killed a man the a bus stop. it happened after the sun went down in the 900 block of southern avenue southeast. police tell news 4 the man was shot several times and died on the scene. right now police don't have a lot to g on. they only have a vague description of the shooter. virginia's fist execution of a woman in nearly a century is scheduled to go on as planned tomorrow night. u.s. supreme court refused to stay the execution. teresa lewis was convicted after providing sex and money to two men to kill her husband and
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stepson in 2002. she was trying to collect a quarter million dollar insurance payout. her supporters say she should be spared because she is diminished mental capacity. the last woman to be executed in virginia was 1912. this morning we know when d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee and democratic nominee vincent dpra will meet. the long-awaited meeting will happen tomorrow at noon in gray's office in the wilson building. rhee has come under fire for closing schools and firing teachers and principals in the district. gray said he will continue aggressive education refo and that may or may not include rhee. this morning, another shakeup on president obama's economic team. adviser larry summers is set to leave the post by the end of the year. summers will return to his teaching job at harvard. the departure comes amid a sluggish economic rcovery that has seen unemployment hover near
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10%. he will be the third high-level member of the obama economic team tleave this year. congress will hear from the owners of two iowa farms linked to a massive egg recall. representatives from the food and drug administration wil discuss inspection practices and the government's response to the recall. democrats say they will try once again to overturn the don't ask, don't tell policy. republicans blocked the 60 votes needed with a provision in it yesterday. the policy bans fais from serving openly in the mility. majority leader harry reid sa plans to bring up the issue again after he plans to bring up the issue after the november elections. at may prove difficult if democrats lose seats in the upcoming elections. we have a traffic alert for drivers who use i-270. all four lanes will be shut down
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overnight into tomorrow morning. they will ask for two 15-minute sper vals between midnight and 4:00 a.m. state highway administration suggests using 355 as an alternate routement they will put up an overhead sign which willlink i-270 on 95. the first is set to be completed by the end of this year or early next year. well, case that has police umped. a woman is murdered in broad daylight at a local apartment complex with several people nearby. elaine reyes joins us in greenbelt, maryland with more on this baffling murder. good morning, elaine. >> reporter: good morning, joe. police aren't releasing a whole lot of information in the case so far. they're not talking about the victim's name or how e even died. they're only saying right now that she was a woman in her 40s. now, the 911 call came in
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yesterday as a shooting. it happened yesteay afternoon at an apartment complex in the 8500 block of greenbelt road. teenagers noticed an arm comin out of a door to one of the buildings. they took a closer look and saw it was a woman with some type of traa to her body. police arrived shortly thereafter and she was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead on the scene. now, again, a lot of questions in this case. the little information that investigators have, they're not releasing, no word on any suspectsn this case. elaine reyes reporting live. thanks very much, elaine. 5:06. 66 deees. a spectacle along severald.c. streets. a woman's belongings line the road side with police standing guard. call it a summer fling. short-lived heat wave arrives today. weather and traffic right after the break.
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and next, wha one city is doing to try to encourageeople doing to try to encourageeople to stay calm when four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for g corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle cdeo.
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do parking tickets get your blood boiling? they're adding yoga pose toss
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parking ticket envelopes. you can learn to center yourself, breathe deeply. the city printed 40,000 tickets as part of a public art project. >> yeah, right. i would hate to behe officer that handed that particular the out. >> exactly. >> we could all use a few deep breaths in the morning, though. >>e calm, it will be all right. we have a calm weather pattern. moon low in the western sky. almost 5:11. temperatures are milder this morning. has been the last self mornings. 60s throughout most of the regionrom shenandoah valley to atlantic beaches. mostly clear sky. 68 at national airport. afternoon highs should make it to 90 degrees. it will feel like summertime this last partial day of astronomical summer as the autumn equinox arrives at 11:09 tonight. tomorrow the first day of fall.
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astronomical autumn. up near 90 again. we have a small chance, by the way of a passing thunder shower late this evening. friday, another hot day. as we get into the weekend it looks like it will cool down. how is the traffic now, jerry? >> quiet morning as we get under way into southeast. nnsylvania avenue to the suiza bridge, overnight road work coming out of southeast up toward the suiza picked up. moving along nicely. traffic looks pretty good at this hour. wilson bridge from the maryland shoreline. the's the inner loop and outer loop. lanes are open. light volume of traffic. no worries at the moment. joe, eun. 5:11 is your time. redskins cut ties with a former pro bowler. why investigators have seized $30 million in a vatican bank account. no paris in japan. why the country told the
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cialite s is not welcome. why a d.c. police officer spent the night guarding a
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good morning. i'm kimberly suiters. police in prince george's county have a murder mystery on their ands. a woman was killed yesterday in the middle of the afternoon along the 8500 block of greenbelt road. she was found in the stairwell of an artment complex with potentially a bunch of witnesses to help out that investigation. debate over the military's don't ask, don't tell policy is dead for now. senate republics blocked an appeal to lift the ban on gays serving openly in the military yesterday. president obama had pledged to repeal this law. majority leader harry reid said he will raise the issue again after the november election.
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today in congress, tough questions forwo owners of iowa egg farmsinked to a massive salmonella outbreak that sickened 1,500 people. wright county eggs tested positive for salmonella 426 times in the last two years, information that was not given to congress originally. the governmt's role is fail to go prevent the outbreak will also come under fire. this is why euneats yogurt for breakfast. right now a oubling story out of northwest washington. a woman's belongings are scattered across several district blocks after s was evicted from her home. police stayed watch to make sure no one stole her belongings. 11th street and otis place. tracee wilkins is live with more on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a scene we hav seen played out across this country during this economic downturn. folks who have had a hard time
5:16 am
and not paid rent. this is one woman. she has been in america for 22 years. lived in her home at 11th and otis for 15 years. she said that work has just started to dry up. . for two and a half years she's been struggle to go try and make representative, but she has had a hard time. 9:30 yesterday morning they came and evicted her. she had a large amount of stuff. now it takes up about two blocks. this side of 11th street. also the other side you look over here to the right and you can see police are standing ard trying to make sure nobody takes her belongings but it hasn't really worked. she said some people have come and taken some of the stuf here. she is original from venezue venezuela. she was going to send some of this stuff home to people who needed it and she hasn't had the resources to that.
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>> i haven't had a job. i'm trying to get a little here, a little there but it's not regular eight-hour work. i do my best 100% to prove every month. after july i just have nothing at all. >> now, oisa tells me jim grah came down and picked up a couple pickup loads of stuff and took it to southeast and held it there in a place for her. she doesn't have a vehicle to access that stuff. she doesn't know what she will do with the rest of her possessions. she has until 10:00 a.m. and then dump trucks will come and ke the stuff away. live from northwest. eun, back to you in the studio. >> heartbreaking story. thank you. a woman is sigh of release after being rescued from her
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town house. flames broke out along 9000 block of brookridge court in montgomery village. firefighters used a ladder to rescue a woman from a second floor window. damage is estimated at $100,000. investigators are digging deeper into what drove a man to shoot a doctor and kill his mother and himself at johns pkins hospital. during the search of his home they found another handgun. no signs that the crime was premeditat premeditated. a woman was run over by a suv over the weekend. she died in the hospital. she was hit by a cadillac escalade while driving on landover road in largo. the driver told police she had not hit anyone until she got home and found the bicycle lodged under her suv.
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at this point police have not charged the driver in the case. the vatican says it is, quote, perplexed and surprised about a moneyaupderring probe that led to the seizure of $30 million from the vatican bank and the invesgation of the company's chairman. italian financial policeade the seizure yesterday. prosecutors placed the chairman and another person under investigation for alleged mistakes linked to violations of italy's anti-laundering laws. the vatican is standing by him. the redskins running game is taking another hit after two games. they parted ways with larry jn son. johnson carried the ball five times for two yards in the first two games of the season. he was pulled from sunday's game after a 10 yard loss in the fourth quarter. he is a d.c. native. he has struggled since
5:20 am
preseason. he was a part of what has been a lhargic running back for the skips who put up 100 yards on the ground in two games. we had a good passing game, though. >> but they need to run it. >> that's right. all right, tom, tell us about the forecast. >> off to a clear start on this wednesday morning. good morning. milder morning as well. temperatures in the 60s from the shenandoahalley to the atlantic beaches. right now in washington, 68. nearby suburbs, we're in the 60s. highs today, though, feeling like summertime up around but not too humid. small chance o a late afternoon thundershower perhaps earlier in the mountains in shenandoah valley. early this evening a chance for a passing undershower. otherwise, a few clouds coming through. six tomorrow morning. another summer like day thursday. by the way, the autumn eqnox arrives at 11:09. over the weekend should be turning cooler. saturday, highs low to mid-80s
5:21 am
with sunshine. a chance for a passing shower with highs in the 70s. jerry, how is the traffic now? >> we are doing much better than we were yesterday at the. no major hangups. few traffic light delays. minor at that. an costa river, passing florida avenue, all the way to northwest. no incidents to report. let's head on over up to the capital beltway northern virginia. this is vy close to the interchange at arlington boulevard. outer loop, inner lop moving along quite nicely. fist check of the morning, metro rail. all looking good. joe, eun. >> jerry, thanks so mu. >> 5:21 the time. 66 degrees. doctor who treated the washington tal tolls sentenced on steroid chances. a chance 20 own a rare item that once belonged to princess diana. next, paris hilton probably does not hear the word "no" very
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often. building wind farms and
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expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
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paris hilton is on her way back to the u.s. after she was not allowed into japan. the 29-year-old was supposed to promote her fashion and fragrance lines in tokyo. she flew on a charter jet but never left the airport. japanese immigration officials did not allow her into the country because she pled guilty to cocaine possession in las vegas. they can condition entry to people who have been convicted of drug-related offenses. the diamond and pearl necklace, this one you see thee, is the only piece of jewelry worn by princess di ever likely to be available for sale. it has 214 diamonds and 7 south
5:26 am
sea pearls all t in platinum. look at that. other impressive itemsup for sale, a bracelet owned by elvis and a baseball signed by six forr u.s. presidents will be available at the auction that will be held later this week at an auction house in new york. when is marilyn's birthday? >> have to keep that in mind. >> sshhh. ahead this morning, a suburban scandal. a group of city leaders accused of stealing millions from cash-rapped taxpayers. >> what some are saying after a man is gunned down at a bus stop. stopi was driving in northern calornia. my son was asleep. i really didn't see it coming. i didn't realize i was drifting into the other lane. [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. the car hit the brakes faster an i could. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short. but my car did. my car did. thankfully, my mercedes did.
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's the turn that leads you somewhere new. introducing the new 2011 cts-v coupe. from cadillac. the new standard of the world. evicted and on the street. it's a very troubli story you have to see to believe. a woman's belongings line the streets of northwest washington. we are live on the scene as police stand guard. demands new details emerging from a book claim to go shed light on life inside the obama white house. a woman killed at a local apartment complex in the middle of the day. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> welcome to news 4 today on this wednesday, 22nd day of
5:30 am
september, 2010. live look outside right now. we can see jefferson memorial all lit up. traffic across the 14th street bridges. looks like clear sky. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. warming up today. prare yourself for a summer like day. off to a milder start than we have seen the last couple mornings. right now generally in the 60s throughout most ofhe region. weather watchers reporting. thanks for checking in. certainly do appreciate your faithful ily report. right now at national airport, upper six t near 70. but in the suburbs near the beltway, arlington, fairfax, mid-60s. a few isolated locations in loudon, frederick, examine panhandle of west virginia dipped into the upper 50s. many locations in west virginia as well in the upp 50s. around the bay, tidewater, eastern shore, it's in the 60s this morning. and the view from space showing a clear sky. we do have a few clouds drifting
5:31 am
toeastern kentucky producing a few showers. that's a disturbance that may produce a passing thundershowe otherwise, a few clouds coming in. feeling like summer today, tomorrow and friday. cooler into the weekend. jerry, how is the traffic? >> tom, authorities pulling up on the scene of app accident. live pictures. it's in virginia. it's 95 southbound. southbound as you proven route 1 woodbridge. only the far right lane getting by. we'll keep you updated on that at the moment because police and fire crews arrived very little in the way of delays. there's the outer loop near the interchange at river road. 270 down to tysons moving along nicely. out to the rails we go. metro and vre doing fine. brunswick 10 minutes behind schedule. a new book suggests members of prident poe bam ma's national security team have
5:32 am
doubts aboutis military strategy in afghanistan. nbc's tracie potts joins us with a first look at this book by a veteran journalist. >> reporter: this will comeout very soon. this is a book by bob woodward of watergate. it's called "obama's wars." he talks about whatas going on inside the white house as they tried to figure out what to do in afghanistan. as president obama was ramping up troops, tripling the number in afghanistan, some of the top national security advisers, members of his team were really concerned about whether or not that would actually work. in fact, one of thos who expressed doubts according to the book was richard holbrooke, the special envoy to afghanistan. the other thing is the
5:33 am
infighting documented in the book among some members of the team. biden and holbrooke. he called him egotistical. apparently quite a bit of infighting between the top advisers there. >> apparently bob woodward interviewed the president for this ok. any reaction from the whit house? >> none so far. he interviewed several top administration officials. the white house givi no comments o this. this all sort of broke out. "new york times" got an advanced copy of the book. they posted something overnight taking about -- basically a previewwhat we can expect from the book. no comment from the white house, though. we could hear something later today. >> also some insight into the leadership in afghanistan. can you talk about that. >> report: interesting, one of the allegations in the book that
5:34 am
hamid karzai is manic depressive and on medication. there have been a lot of questions about his leadership in afgnistan. this is something new being revealed by woodward. he apparentlies the u.s. foft has some documentation of this. it'sll in the book. the book is coming out next week. >> tracie potts li on capitol hill. the presdent's top economic adviser is set to leavey the end of this year. larry summers sayhe will leave post as directors of the national economic council and return to his teaching job at harvard. it comes amid economic recovery. he would be among the three to leave this year.
5:35 am
a man is dead after being gunned down at a bus stop at 8:30, southern avenue in southeast washington. the man was shot several times and died on the scene. narrests have been made. police only have a vague description of the shooter. well, a case that has police stumped. a woman is murdered in broad daylight at a local apartment complex with several people nearby. elaine reyes joins us in greenbelt, maryland with more on this baffling murder. good mning, elaine. >> reporter: good morning, joe. police aren't releasing a whole lot of information in the case so far. they're not talking about the victim's name or how she even died. they're only saying right now that she was a woman in her 40s. now, the 911 call camin yesterday as a shooting. it happened yesterday afternoon at an apartment complex in the 8500 block of greenbelt road. teenagers noticed an arm comin out of a door to one of the buildings. they took a closer lk and saw it was a woman with some type of
5:36 am
trauma to her body. police arrived shortly thereafter and she was taken to the hospital where she died. >> it does not appear to be robbery. we are still looking for a motive in the case. >> reporter: not a whole lot of information in the case just yet, joe. >> thanks very much. elaine reyes reporting live. thanks. a chipractor who treated washington capita hockey players will spend the next three years on probation for steroid charges. he pled guilty in a florida courtroom to possession of a controlled substance. nagel said the drugs were for personal use. however, a florida supplier were told they were for professional athletes. three caps players admitted that he gave chiropractor treatment but denied he gave them
5:37 am
steroids. corruption charges in los angeles. ey rounded up the city officials who represent the small low-income town of bell. they used more than $5 million worth of taxpayer money pay themselves. the city manager is accused of setting his salary at $800,000. about double what president obama makes. california's attorney general sued the city officials demanding they return most of their hefty salaries. 537 your time now. 66 degrees. ahead, what's next for efforts to repeat don't ask, don't tell. why a much anticipated video game is being banned on u.s. military bas. a shocking crime, a brutal attack at a local mall and a new september streak. aeat wave begins today.
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in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. good morning. time f weather and traffic early on this wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein.
5:41 am
live view from the skywatcher camera showing moonset in abou an hour. and we'll have moon rise, sunrise, i should say, in an hour and ten minutes. bright spot is jupiter. 60 throughout most of the recently. milder morning. afternoon highs near 90. small chae of a late afternoon thundershower. near 90 tomorrow and friday. mini heat wave as we bring in autumn. over the weekend, cooler. jerry, how is the affic? >> followg breaking news. northern virginia with an accident that will affect your commute. southbound lanes of i-95, scene of the accident involving a milk. route 1 and woodbridge. right now the right side of the roadway gets by. the left side currently blocked. fire and rescue crews are on the scene. minimal delays southbound. a northbound rubber necking delay that's developing very, very quickly. we'll upda you. we are getting the initial
5:42 am
reports of an accident maybe involving a tractor trailer westbound on i-70 before mt. airy. not confirmed yet. but there's a report that a tractorrailer may be overturned. we'll check on it. i-70 east of mt. airy, woodbee. 5:42 the time. the cause that brought meryl streep to d.c. ♪ >> plus, the local librarians turning to song to tell the story of their budget woes. now they have become annternet sensation. a truly sad story. a d.c. woman's possessions lining several blocks this morning. and she has nowhere tgo.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
this morning we are staying on top of a troubling story in northwest washington. a woman's belongings are lining the street for several city blocks after she was evicted from her hom poice are on the scene to make sure no one takes her stuff. this is 11th and otis in northwest washington where we found news 4's tracee wilkins. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have seen this scene played out across the country as folks deal with the economic downturn. it has affected ts woman, 50-year-old eloisa diaz who lived here 22 years and her home in northwest for 15 years. she said for the last two and a half years she'sot been able to have steady work, and the work has dried up causing her eviction. take a look here. d.c. police are guarding her stuff. because this stuff lines baskly about four blocks of this neighborhood here in northwest washington at otis and 11th. she said she has already seen
5:46 am
people come and take things while she was standing here. she has to figure out how to get all this stuff off th streets. she only has until 10:00 a.m. to do it. >> i do not have a job. i try to get a little here, a little later but it's not regular eight-hour work. and i do mbest 100% to prove how much i pay every month. i pay ju. i just have nothing at all. >> reporter: when she was working she was a domestic worker. as you hard, she got jobs here and there but not enough to sustain her and make it possible for her to pay her rent. now, she's a 50-year-old woman who lives here in america without any family. she's saying she has until 10:00 a.m. to get the stuff off the streets because then they're
5:47 am
going to come in dump trucks and remove it. tracee wilkins, live inest at the. back to youin the studio. >> when you say they're going to remove it with dump trucks, does that mean the city is going to throw all that stuff away, take it on the jun yard or something like that? >> reporter: the stuff will be thrown awayment that's what she has been told. unless she can gett off the streets somehow. >> thanks very much. police are looking for a second suspect who stabbed a man at a popular strip club in prince william county in manassas. two teens attacked the man while he was working appraising the property. they approached him, demanded his camera, cell phone and money. they knocked him to the ground. kicked, beat and stabbed him repeatedly in the stomach. an employee scared the suspects off by honking his car horn. he victim is in stable condition.
5:48 am
police arrested one suspect and are searching for a second. >> a maryland candidate fort u.s. senate is dead this morning after she was hit over the weekend. that tas that pettigre was hit by a cadillac escalade in landover. the driver of the suv told police she had not realized she hit anyone until she got home and found the bike lodged under her vehicle. at this point police have not charged the driver in the case military bases across the country are banning the sale of a new video game. this editioof medal of honor allows players to shoot u.s. troops in a virtue afghanistan. the highly anticipated game is also rated for strong violence and language. the game was originally panned only at u.s. naval base. the companyays it was a creative risk but is standing by
5:49 am
its product. . they're going to try to overturn th military's don't ask, don't tell policy. republicans were trying to keep democrats from the 60 votes needed for a filibuster. the policy bans gays from serving openly in the military. republicans accused democrats of trying to gain support before november's elections. other lawmakers argue it goes against human rights. >> it's long pastime to repeal this policy which is both unjust, unamerican, and extremely hurtful to the effectiveness of our militaries. >> now is not the time to play politics simply because an election is looming in a few weeks. >> senate majority leader harry reid says he plans to bring up the issue again after the november elections. in news for your alth this morning, carry around too much weight could notonly take a toll your health but your wallet
5:50 am
as well. george washington university reports says obesity can be expensive because of the cost of medical care, missed work, disability and insurance. the study estimates women will spend more than $8,000 a year and men will rack up 6,500 in expenses. researchers say two-thirds of americans are either overweight or owe approximate bees. obese. yesterday, donovan mcnabb ied to use that ergy to break a different kind of record. he and teammates hosted a fitness section to help mbat obesity. they broke the guinness world record for the largest virtual exercise lesson with 646 kids. mcnabb says he hopes the exercises taught on the field will help d.c. children lead healthier lives. >> you see guys who care and an organization who cares as well. trying to eliminate obesity, high bloos pressure, hypertension and everything. it all starts with having the
5:51 am
right mind-set, working out, eating right and getting the kids outside. >> teammates hall, alexander, olson and macintosh joined in on the record-breaking fun. looks like they had a good time. >> i want to know what a virtual exercis lesson is. what is virtual about it? >> today will be hot to be over there exercising. it's going to feel like summertime. autumn equinox arrives at 11:09. we have the full moon, pink moon in the western sky getting low. it will be setting in a few minutes. right now at that national airport, 68 degrees with a dewpoint is up a bit. it's a milder morning. elsewhere, in the sxz throughout most of the reon from the shenandoah valley. mostly clear sky. right now montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's in the mid-60s. western maryland, west virginia.
5:52 am
tidewater, the pay, eastn shore, 60s as well. view from space showing a clear sky here. a little disturbance in eastern kentucky. showers may come in later this afternoon and give us showers. don't have much autumn color here but look out in the rocky mountains. aspen are now at ak color. aspen glow it's known as. cathy sent this in to us, grand lake, colorado, 8,000 feet right at then trance of the rocky mountain national park. students waiting for bus this morning, it will be in the 60s. then by noon time, low to mid-80s. a few clouds popping up. late afternoon, into early this evening a chance for a passing thundershower. six tomorrow morning. thursday a friday, again, like summer, near 90. over theweekend, cooler saturday. sunny, high 80s. how is the traffic?
5:53 am
>> tom, continuing to follow breaking ne in northern virginia in what was reported to be a motorcycle accident. southbound i-95 near route 1 in woodbridge. left half of the roadw remains closed. two lanes appear to be squeezing by to the right. there is a southbound delay. just as importantly, there's a northbound rubber necking delay north. all your travel lanes are open. south of town and check out the approach to oxen hill. no problems at the wilson bridge. big problems to the north. howard county, accident. i-70 west pound at route 94 woodbine. reports are it's an overturned tractor trailer. all lanes westbound i-70 approaching . airy are now clod. channel 4 is blasting off. we'll keep you updated. >> we'll go car free today. people around the world are leaving cars, trucks and suvs in
5:54 am
the dpraj. orgazers say the move is to moch city politicians to think about cycling and other transportation besides automobiles. > today congress will hear from the owners of two iowa farms whose eggs were linked to the massive salmonella outbreak and made 1,000 people across the country to be sick and led the companies to recall 1 million eggs. tracie potts reports now from citol hill. >> reporter: today the owners of two iowa egg farms will explain how salmonella infected their plants. jack of wright county eggs blames chicken feed fromn outside supplier. the fda found filthy conditions. >> manure piles old enough that maggots were forming. rat holes that allowed rats to enter the facility. >> reporter: she blames the
5:55 am
government for not doing more. >> i told the usda officer about it and she said, well, go back and do your job. >> we try to find the problem aer it occurs. >> reporter: i'm they have been in trouble before. no one died. but more than 1,500 people got sick. congrs has since learned wrightcounty eggs tested positive for salmonella 426 times in the last two years. 73 of those samples were the exact same strain in last month's recall. those test results were not included in documents he supplied to congress. today he'll be asked why. both are the subject of several investigations. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. actress meryl streep stopped by the nation's capitol for a
5:56 am
museum for women. the house passed legislation last year that would authorize it. a vote is pending in the nate. chances are you've never quite seen librarians like these. ♪ librarians from the eight branches of the regional library came together to create this goofy remake of gloria gaynor's "i will survive." but these book lovers didn't just dance around for fun. they say they wanted to send a message that libraries around the country are being forced to do more with less because of budget cuts. >> we have cut to hours. our book budget is slashed.
5:57 am
it just came to us, i will survive. >> i think i can see dewey decimal himself. >> attention, beer drinkers, the news you've been waiting for, fre beer. anheuser-busch is giving away free samples of its budweiser bars in many restaurants and bars september 29th. they're call it national happy hour. bud says they're down 9%, and the company is hoping this giveaway will help attract younger drinkers. going to be busyat those restaurants. >> wonder if blackberry will give away free blackberries? >> they are about to come out with their answer to the ipad. we'll talk about the black pad. think about the internet.
5:58 am
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